Monday, September 19, 2011

Thoughts on Passing Judgment

I bought this plant last year that is supposed to have the most beautifully scented flowers.  It's called a "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" bush because of how the flowers bloom:  on the first day the blossoms are purple, the second day they fade to lavender, and the third day they are white.  Consequently, on a flowering bush you will see three different colours of flowers.  It's really quite gorgeous.

As soon as I planted the little bush, however, it died.  All the leaves fell off.  It was just a bunch of sticks - tiny, sad looking sticks.  I thought maybe the plant was in shock or just needed to adapt to its new environment, so I kept watering it.

Five months later the plant was still dead and I was still in denial, so I kept tending to it.

Nine months later the plant was still dead and I had moved into stage 2 of plant grief - disorganisation and anger.  Should I pull it out? Should I leave it and hope it comes back to life?  I spent so much money for that plant!

Eleven months later the plant was still dead and I was entering the "isolation and depression" phase - maybe I just can't grow plants in South Africa.  Maybe I should give up.

 Last week I pulled weeds and planted seeds for my vegetable garden.  I went around the side of the house to finally pull up the flower bush.  This is what I found:

If you only saw the photo, you would think it to be a pathetic little plant.  In knowing the story, however, you realise it's actually quite a triumph.

It's the same with people.


Elisabeth said...

Exactly! That. Is. Beautiful.

equichick8 said...

Hey! We have that bush in our backyard. I love the three colour flowers too. Now whenever I see that bush I'll think of you and your triumph plant. Thanks!

Nathan said...

I love it.

Annie said...

I didn't know they grew in California, too! Super cool... :)