Thursday, May 9, 2013

African Sunrise

Earth yawns in morning mist -
Just five more minutes of sleep! -
Sun tiptoes in, nudges veld -
Wake up! It's time to play! -
Birds twitter the day's schedule -
There's work to be done!
Sing! Fly! Build! -
I observe the unfolding mystery,
catch a thermal unawares, and
soar above the gravity that
holds me down.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Don't Just Dance... Let Yourself Be Danced

Embrace me with a gentle autumn breeze.

Speak of Your love for me in the rustle of the leaves.

Caress me in the velvet softness of the frangipani blossom.

Laugh with me in shifting, sun-dappled patterns on grass and body.

Tell jokes with me in babbling water and hadeda's squawk.

Hold me in the shimmer of morning light on spider's web.

Promise me in the diamonds of morning dew.

Kiss me with the warmth of afternoon sun.

Dance with me in the graceful sway of palm fronds to and fro...

But don't merely dance with me... Let me be danced.