Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Kings 19: Deleted Scenes

I said in my last post that we had come to the end of the story, and that was true in terms of Elijah.  I Kings 19 actually ends, though, with Elisha entering the scene as Elijah's successor.  Elijah walks up to Elisha, who's ploughing his fields with twelve yoke of oxen.  Elijah puts his cloak around Elisha, and without saying a word Elisha seems to know what that means.  He asks Elijah if he may go and say good-bye to his parents, slaughters one yoke of oxen, and cooks them, using the plough as firewood.

What I love about this story is that Elisha didn't leave anything in place just in case "things didn't work out" as prophet.  He slaughters his oxen and cooks them on his farm equipment.  There's no going back at this point, because there's nothing to go back to.  That's faith!

This chapter is all about Elijah, but I have to say, I like Elisha.  He's got guts.


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