Monday, December 3, 2012

First Impressions Upon Returning to the States

  1. I keep looking for the light switch to the bathroom outside of the bathroom... I forgot that you are allowed to have electricity inside the bathrooms here.
  2. The toilet paper is so soft and fluffy! I actually feel a twinge of guilt that my bum is experiencing such high levels of luxury... is it really necessary?
  3. Drive on the right. Drive on the right. Drive on the right.
  4. The things people complain about are funny to me. I caught myself wanting to say, "Really?" a few times.
  5. I miss the birds and the thunderstorms of South Africa already.
  6. Starbucks! There will always be an element of "hopelessly American" in me, I suppose.
  7. It's such a treat to drive on a freeway that a) is free and b) doesn't have any roadworks! Wow!
  8. The pet hospital is bigger than most health clinics in South Africa. I feel embarrassed of this and frustrated on behalf of South Africans.
  9. Grandma's cooking still rocks, even though she's 96!
  10. I appreciate roots and history I have here, but it's clear that I'm a visitor now and not a resident. This is both pleasing and strange.


Stel said...

And we're having a nice thunderstorm right now in Pretoria!
Enjoy your visit.

Michelle Ruby said...

New England has lightswitches on the outside of bathrooms too. Even though outlets are on the inside.

Elisabeth said...

Ah, yes. The things Americans complain about. "SERIOUSLY?" is right!

Elisabeth said...
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Roald said...

You know what Anny - I for one am so glad I got to know has been an enriching experience, and on numerous occasions that we were in the same worship team an encounter I will remember for many years to come. God bless you for who you are!