Thursday, May 9, 2013

African Sunrise

Earth yawns in morning mist -
Just five more minutes of sleep! -
Sun tiptoes in, nudges veld -
Wake up! It's time to play! -
Birds twitter the day's schedule -
There's work to be done!
Sing! Fly! Build! -
I observe the unfolding mystery,
catch a thermal unawares, and
soar above the gravity that
holds me down.



Nikita said...

I miss your entries :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! I write for Your blog is compelling, and very well-written. We would like to syndicate it on our website, where we host a number of South African bloggers. I'm at if this is something that might interest you. - Best regards, Brett.

BUYISA said...

Hi Anna, your blog entries really are a joy to read. I'm a South African in New Zealand who stumbled across your blog and enjoy reading it, along with the interesting and thought provoking views that you bless us with. Just wanna thank you for expressing yourself! Hope you and your family are well. God bless