Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Journey Through Counterpoint V

3) The Move Towards Connection/Resolution
If dissonance were the end of the story, I'd be pretty depressed.  It may add emotion and life to the song, but it can also be pretty overwhelming! The beautiful thing about dissonance in music, however, is that it leads to resolution. The tension has to resolve. Dissonance need not be feared but rather embraced because we know a point of connection - resolution - is coming. 

These points of connection in counterpoint are almost sacred moments where the two melodies touch each other and connect in a beautiful collision of harmonies. These connecting points act as pillars of stability. In between the pillars there is freedom of movement between the two melodies. It is as if the two melodies are engaged in a conversation: they communicate with each other, stimulate each other, challenge each other, and yet they do not overpower one another. There is a coherence and continuity as both melodies move together in a forward momentum. They stretch and pull against each other, yet they regularly connect at these points of resolution. 

 Fifth application: Is it possible to sit back, relax, and enjoy the tension and dissonance in relationships?  Can we let the connection and resolution come rather than try to force it?  Can we see dissonance in the context of the whole song - the whole relationship - rather than as an isolated event?  Would that change our perspective? 


Jeff said...

I enjoy great satisfaction in this particular counterpoint of yours, as it expresses an aspect of redemption in that "resolution is coming". At least for me, having this hopeful expectation does enable me to appreciate, and at times enjoy certain hardships, knowing that a necessary workings out is required for resolution. Whether or not I've correctly read your take, thank you for writing, and being an inspiration. -Jeff

Annie said...

The amazing thing about counterpoint (in my humble opinion) is that there are so many different "takes", applications and parallels. I like what you had to say about redemption. I think there's very much an aspect of that in counterpoint. Thanks for the encouragement and for your own "take" on it!

wakeupcowboys said...

In order to have resolution in music, one must take the active step to resolve the dissonance. I believe it's the same in relationships. We can't just hope the dissonance will disappear. We must be pro-active at some appropriate point.
Also, dissonance in music is marvelous because of the resolution. Dissonance in relationships often harms and hurts for the long haul, even though some resolution comes.