Monday, November 28, 2011

A Journey Through Counterpoint VII

Linear Counterpoint
Like its name suggests, linear counterpoint focuses more on the horizontal lines of the individual melodies rather than the vertical lines of harmonic connection.  The individual melodic lines are, shall we say, a bit inconsiderate of one another.  Linear counterpoint made its debut in the early 20th century (Stravinsky was quite fond of it).

Linear Counterpoint moves freely and sings his melody without much regard to the effects he may have on the melodies around him.  At best he is seen as a "free spirit" - spontaneous and living with careless abandon.  There are times when his haphazard and carefree nature contribute to some playful, memorable and brilliantly creative experiences.  He can be a LOT of fun.

Linear Counterpoint is a fair-weathered friend, however.  At the first sign of conflict - if you should cross his path or have a differing view - beware! He can be quite the megalomaniac, self-centred and rigid in demanding his "rights."  He has to do things his way and if that means walking all over you, so be it.

Seventh application: The case for linear counterpoint is conflicting; there are strong points both for it and against it.  How do you sustain a melody against such high levels of dissonance?

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janelle said...

distressed today, to recognize myself in this. thank you for the mirror.