Monday, August 27, 2012

Why God is Like a Spice Vendor

A few weeks ago I was able to watch a man from India mix spices to make a custom curry powder.  He was truly a master and an artist in his field - flinging spices through the air at lightning speed, mixing things in a blur, measuring, weighing, fingering, smelling... I was mesmerized!  I asked this man for "a little bit" of curry powder.  He gave me one kilogram! My spice jars are overflowing with the most amazing curry powder...

I've been thinking about him for several weeks now, and it occurred to me that perhaps we are like spices and God is like a master spice mixer:
  • Spices bring out and enhance the flavour of food. God uses us to enhance and bring out the best in others. 
  • Several spices have to be crushed to release their aroma.  Sometimes God allows us to be broken (ever think about what fragrance is released from your life when you're wounded?).
  • Curry powder is a mix of many different spices, combined in various proportions.  God places us in diverse communities to complement one another.
  • In order to make a brilliant curry powder, one must add chilli.  Sometimes, in order to refine us, God turns up the heat in life.
  • I asked the spice mixer for a little bit.  He filled my spice jars to overflowing.  Sometimes God does that, too.  

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Stel said...

As always, good message.