Sunday, August 9, 2009

... And the Coat and Scarf Come Off

After a long winter, when that day comes that signifies spring is one its way... that is a day of heightened enjoyment.

Today was such a day for me. I peeled off my jersey (sweater) and just enjoyed... being:
  • being with friends and enjoying homemade Mexican food
  • being content to feel the warm sun on my back
  • being thankful for seeing friends from California yesterday
  • being grateful for my church and soaking in every word
  • being happy about the Springboks victory yesterday over the Wallabies (sorry, Australia)
  • being in wonder at how blessed I am
  • being at peace, having a new perspective on difficulties
  • being amazed that I am here in South Africa, and loving every moment of it
(Oh, and the garbage men are not on strike anymore!)

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