Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Day in Numbers

Number of hours the power was out: 7
Number of times I looked forward to the upcoming Tri-Nations game this Saturday: 2
Number of days (and counting) that the garbage collectors have been on strike (again): 15
Number of times the dog tried to escape out the front door: 3
Number of confirmed cases of swine flu at my children's school: 1
Number of chapters left to finish Antjie Krog's book, Country of My Skull: 2
Number of hours I wore my coat indoors: 4

Despite the challenges each day brings, I really feel so blessed. I think it comes from being loved. It sounds corny, I know, but I am so thankful for my family - I love my husband and children - and as long as our family unit is intact and healthy (and Dan tells his nightly bedtime story which leaves the kids rolling in laughter), it doesn't matter if we have to eat by candlelight, chase after the dog, look at piles of garbage or feel cold.

"I believe we can face anything when we know we are loved." - Dr. Paul Tournier, Creative Suffering


Rian said...

Ooh - you're reading Country of my Skull! What do you think so far? Tough reading, isn't it...

And go Bokke :)

An American in Pretoria said...

Yes, the book is definitely not "light" reading. I don't know why I put off reading it for so long, as Antjie Krog is one of the only Afrikaner authors who is internationally known, and I have devoted the past two years to reading literature about South Africa.

BUT... Having lived here for nearly two years now, I can understand/appreciate certain aspects of the book much more, so maybe it was good that I put off reading it until now.

Antjie Krog is such a lyrical writer; it makes me wish my Afrikaans was better so I could fully appreciate her poetry.

An American in Pretoria said...

And yes, Go Bokke! You should have seen the game last weekend against the All Blacks. It was beautiful. 31-19

Rian said...

Oh believe me, I know -- I watch every game! A channel called Setanta Sports is now available here, and they show the games live so we always get a group of people together. I'll be there tomorrow 8am PDT :)