Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thoughts on the Little Drummer Boy

Most of you probably know the Christmas carol, "The Little Drummer Boy." I used to think that was the dumbest Christmas song because I never understood it. In fact, it wasn't until I was in my early 30's that I finally understood the meaning behind the song, and once the "lightbulb" lit up over my head I began to weep.

Fast forward five years, and you will still see me trying hard not to cry when I hear this song. Inside I feel embarrassed for crying at what I had once deemed "the dumbest song ever." But the words are so real, so honest, so unlike modern society, that I can't help but be moved by them.
Come they told me... a newborn king to see... our finest gifts we bring to lay before the King and so to honour Him.

Little baby, I am a poor boy, too... I have no gift to bring that's fit to give the King... Shall I play for you on my drum?
I can just see this little kid saying, "I'm not a wise man, I'm not a shepherd, I have nothing, but... I can play the drum pretty well. Maybe I can play the drum for You and that can be my gift?"

How often do we compare our gifts, our talents, our skills (and I won't even get started on our houses, our fashion, our weight...) to what others have to offer? Yet I firmly believe that everyone is great at something, and whatever it is that you are great at, do that for Jesus. There could be no more acceptable gift for a King - for the King. Be who you are, be who Jesus made you to be, and give that back to Him as a gift.

Be honest this year.

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Anonymous said...

That has always been my favorite osng...I was drawn to the rum,pum,pums sung with the r's rolled by my first grade teacher.

Like you though, it didn't really mean much until later.

Hope you had a merry, merry (and sunny) Christmas!