Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Just Want to Replace a Globe

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to buy globes (aka lightbulbs). I bought a package of five, or rather, I *tried* to buy a package of five. When I got to the till the item wouldn't ring so a lady was sent to do a price check. I waited twenty minutes - yes, twenty - before she came back. When she finally returned she said, "We don't have a price for the five-pack, so you can't buy it."

(Take a deep breath, shrug your shoulders and say "Oh well" over and over and over...)

I realise that being unable to buy globes is low on the list of "important things in life," especially given recent world events. But the frustration of just trying to live life and do daily tasks still gets to me sometimes. I guess I still have far to go in terms of cultural assimilation.

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jonna said...

A friend was asking me about our upcoming move and I had to share this story with her. I think being able to laugh about some of the stuff that makes you want to tear your hair out must keep you sane and able to go on another day.