Monday, March 28, 2011

A Uniform Review

Not that you really wanted to know (but just in case you did), here are my children modeling the summer uniforms of Northridge Primary School.

Ben is sporting the latest in brown polyester shorts, white dress shirt, brown knee socks with white and orange stripes, and brown dress shoes (which need to be polished).

Lucy is wearing the brown and white checked girls tunic, white ankle socks and brown Mary Janes (which also need to be polished). All girls have to tie their hair back unless it's short, and can only use brown or white hair ties.

Emma is wearing the GMD (Gross Motor Development, aka athletics) outfit - orange and white jersey with the school crest, brown shorts, white socks and tekkies (which seemed to have disappeared).

Of all the primary schools in Pretoria, we got stuck with the one who chose brown and orange for their school colours. Still, I have to admit, after three years the uniforms are starting to grow on me.


The Feys said...

I'm glad they grow on you, because it kind of makes me want to cry! My littlest LOVES dressing herself and has a certain "flair" (stripes with dots, bright green shorts...) so right now the idea of uniforms is kind of overwhelming. Good to be prepared, though, for what is to come!

wakeupcowboys said...

I'm with you on the colors. The children inside the colors are gorgeous.