Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to my Dad, Part 3

And the girl wrote a poem:

I'm not embarrassed of you
anymore -

of drool that falls from unused lips

to pools in your lap

velcro shoes protruding

from wheelchair's foot rest

atrophied muscles and

damaged brain

you are still made

in the image of God

so remember this

when they change your diapers

give you sponge baths

comb your hair the wrong way

see the waitress stare as you
drink coffee through a straw

eat waffles with hands, for

in your dreams
they buy season tickets

wear their finest clothes

to hear your French horn,

watch hands uncurl

finger brass valves effortlessly
interpret every nuance
of the conductor's baton

as though you've never been gone

and when you wake

the applause still thunders

until the nurse comes in to dress you

change you feed you

but we will

have breakfast again

because I'm not

embarrassed of you



Louise said...

Thanks, Annie, for sharing your dad with us - he must have been an amazing person. Thank you too, for sharing your gift with us - you writing is full of compassion and insight.

wakeupcowboys said...


Dianne said...

Beautiful. This made me cry.