Monday, April 25, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to my Dad, Part 6

The girl realised that she could not change the past or erase the hurt and loss, but she could choose the manner in which she responded to it. Some hurts will always hurt, that is to say, one never fully gets over them. But the girl could accept them as part of who she was and allow God to make something beautiful of it (not that she knew how, mind you).

And so the girl yielded to the pain, had a good long cry, and in the stillness that followed a song was born. A lullaby, to be exact, which she sang for her daddy over the telephone (incidentally, that was the first time the girl ever called her father, "Daddy").

There would still be a long road ahead, the girl knew, but she vowed to submit to life's challenges in the hopes that she would learn a sweetness and compassion which she could use to encourage others.
"There, in those dark caves, drowned in the sorrow of his song, and in the song of his sorrow, King David very simply became the greatest hymwriter, and the greatest comforter of broken hearts this world shall ever know." - from A Tale of Three Kings, by Gene Edwards
And while the girl would never be a King David (not even close), she could be herself, and the best possible one at that.


Anonymous said...

Sweet. Tearful. Love, me

Dianne said...

Beautiful, sis. Beautiful. And incidentally, I was able to call him Daddy too when I was there. Beautiful evidence of healing.

The Feys said...

You've been coming to mind often Annie. Praying for you.