Monday, June 6, 2011

Silent Retreat, Part 5

My day ended with a warm bowl of butternut soup at a cafe nestled in the heart of the Botanical Gardens. It was time to rest and just enjoy the beauty around me (while filling my tummy after a long walk). I was done contemplating, and tucked all my "jewels" of revelation away for later. Right now, it was time to just... be.

As I was finishing and preparing to leave the Botanical Gardens, I asked God if He had anything else to teach me. This is what He said:

"Don't let this be a one-time thing, Annie. Will you come to Me every day? Will you stop labouring? Will you be still - as the stagnant pond you saw - and let Me clean and restore you? Will you accept whatever I choose to make of your life - as you saw the rocky, barren landscape - whether I remove the rocks or not? Will you take My yoke upon you, knowing that to obey Me is pleasant? Will you submit to Me and let Me teach you? Will you remember and choose to believe that I do not condemn you? Will you trust Me to supply you with all things? I will restore your joy and your song. I will console you. I will encourage you. I will assist you. I will never leave you. I will carry you because I made you and I love you. Will you come?"

Yes, Lord, I will come. Amen. I will come.

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