Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Good Dose of Perspective

Ever have one of those moments when a good dose of perspective completely changes the situation?  I had one of those moments today...

Some kids were playing outside this afternoon.  Normally I love the sound of children playing, but one of the boys was standing outside of my house and screaming.  Happy screaming, but screaming nonetheless.  This went on for quite some time to the point where I was beginning to feel irritated. 

I debated whether or not I should say something.  I certainly don't want to be known as the grumpy neighbour, or the "mean" neighbour... but I was really beginning to lose my mind after an hour of screaming.  I decided to open the door and politely ask the boy if he could stop screaming for a few minutes.  And that's when I got a much-needed dose of perspective.

The boy standing outside of my house is a boy with Down's Syndrome.  He lives two doors down and normally he isn't allowed outside.  He is kept "hidden" by his family.  But today, here he was, happily playing in the street and screaming with joy.  How could I possibly feel irritated?  I was actually so glad that he got a taste of "freedom" that I suddenly didn't mind the screaming.  In fact, I feel a bit guilty for ever feeling frustrated.
 All of this makes me wonder... what if there is "a good dose of perspective" to all of the other things that cause me frustration in life?  I'm actually feeling a bit ashamed, wondering if I've been the "grumpy neighbour" more than I know, simply because I didn't know the whole story. 

I think I need to pause the next time I feel frustrated and try to see things from a different angle...

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Stel said...

Great smile there.