Thursday, September 13, 2012

Five Years in South Africa

Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of our move to South Africa.  For some reason, five years is a big milestone for me.  Looking back, I think it has been some of the most difficult years of my life, but also some of the best:

  • I came to teach, but I have learned more
  • I came to give, but I have received more
  • I came to love, but I have been loved more
  • I came to serve, but I have been served more
  • I came to help, but I have been helped more
  • I came to bring Jesus, but Jesus showed me His African side

Despite the many challenges, I wouldn't trade the past five years for anything.  South Africa is smoothing out my rough edges and making me into a better person.  My faith has grown deeper and richer (though not without painful moments of doubt), I have learned to value relationships and people above tasks, and I have learned to survive and make due when circumstances are less than ideal.

I have grown to appreciate and cherish the beauty of the land and the people.  This is home now.  I pray that South Africa will continue to teach me her ways, and that I may in some small, humble way, be able to give back.


Stel said...

Happy anniversary :-)

Anna said...

Thank you! :-)

Elisabeth said...

This is beautiful. I'm so excited. Happy anniversary, my dear friend!!! And thank you for sticking with it. Your last 5 years has been a wonderful example for me and taught me much that I will be taking with me on my journey as well. Your last 5 years is a huge part of what's about to be my next 5!!!

Chessalee said...

Yes, wow! Happy Anniversary! Great entry!