Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Not as Easy as A, B, C

I think the hardest thing about moving to South Africa has been getting used to the education system. Education is so important to me, and the system here is so different from the one in the States (not better or worse... just different). I made it a priority to help my kids navigate the school system. I also committed to learn and be as supportive as I can. There are things I loved about the schools here, and things that frustrate me. At times I am thrilled to be educating my children outside of the United States, and at other times I wonder if I've ruined them for life. But this year... this year it became personal.

I went back to school this year to pursue a new field of study. All those feelings I felt for my kids - all those things I thought I had successfully navigated - came surging back in a tidal wave of confusion, frustration and perplexity. How does the grading system work? What does it take to get positive feedback on your assignments, or does that go against the philosophy here? If so, how does one deal with that?

I don't regret our move to South Africa, and I want to reiterate that I don't have a complaint with the system here; I just don't understood it (yet). Right now I feel like I'm back to square one. The good news is, if I figured it out with my kids in four years, in three years I should feel pretty good about my own schooling!


Elisabeth said...

Very true, my friend. March on. March on! I'm cheering for you!!!

Chessalee said...

I really feel for you. My comments will be the same as my previous comments.

Anna said...

I really do love it here... Just wish I was done learning and knew everything! :-)