Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Story of the Two Fires

Yesterday I was feeling discouraged. My son told me this story in response -
"Once there were two fires. They had lots of flame childen, but there were three that they couldn't keep and had to pass on - Hope, Encouragement and Love. They chose two people to pass on their flames to - you, and some random person whom I do not know. They gave Hope and Encouragement to you, and love to the random person.
"The flame of Encouragement you used to not feel discouraged, and the Hope you shared with the world. You shared the encouragement, too, when you didn't need it any more. The End."
Every now and then, my son surprises me in completely unexpected ways. I like his story, and wanted to pass on the flames of Encouragement and Hope to you (perhaps you already have the flame of Love!).

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cat said...

oh, ben. give that kid a hug for me. (and while you're at it, tell him to give you a hug for me, too.)