Friday, June 26, 2009

I Know Why My Neighbour Decoupages Her Trash Can

One of the great mysteries of life here in South Africa is whether or not the garbage men will come. Since we moved here one and a half years ago, I think the garbage workers have gone on strike four times. One time they went on strike for a month.

When they aren't on strike, they still don't seem to come on their alloted day. Our garbage day is Friday, but they often don't come until Sunday or Monday, and when they do come, they never put our trash can back in the right spot. Dan and I have to play a weekly neighbourhood game of hide-and-seek to try and find our trash can, which is usually halfway down the street in someone else's yard. One time it took us three days to find it! What makes it even more difficult is that most people live behind walls and electric fences, so when we find our garbage can in someone else's yard, we often can't get to it (although I have to admit, I find this all rather amusing and actually look forward to the weekly hunt).

One woman who lives down the street decoupaged her trash can in a garish wallpaper print. I thought that was a bit over the top (just a little.... ). Now, however, I am beginning to see a method to her madness. Her garbage can is so embarrassingly ugly that no one want to claim it as their own (I bet she never has to go on nightly hunts in the freezing cold for her trash can!).

I wonder how ugly we can make our trash can? Should I cover it in synthetic fur, casino carpet or velvet Elvis portraits? Should I attach a tracking system to it? If you have any ideas, let me know.

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