Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silent Retreat, Part 2

"Does this look familiar, Annie?" the Lord asked me.

"Yes, Lord, it looks like my life - dry, barren and full of rocks."

"What would you like Me to do with it?"

"Fill it up with fresh, clear, cool water," I replied.

"If I do what you ask, will the rocks still be there?" the Lord countered in reply.

"Umm, yes. I suppose they would, but at least they would be under the surface." (Oh man. He gets me every time, taking away my "quick fixes" to expose the holes in my logic and plans.)

"Will you give your rocky, barren wasteland - as you call it - to Me and let Me make of it what I will? Will you give up your plans to "fix" it and trust Me to fulfill its intended purpose? Whether I spring forth a meadow filled with lush, green grass and wildflowers, or fill it with a cool, refreshing stream, will you relinquish control?

"Yes, Lord! Yes!" I replied excitedly, as images of beautiful meadows and woodlands filled my mind."And if I choose," the Lord continued, "to leave the rocks there, will you let Me?"

"I... I guess so. After all, there would still be a refreshing stream, right? So a few rocks - a few challenges - wouldn't be so bad. I'd just have to watch my step, right?""And Annie, one more thing. What if I choose to leave it exactly as it is?"

"But... but Lord!" I protested.

"Will you still trust Me, knowing that even in the bleakest of landscapes there is life teeming beneath the surface? In a desert, in an arctic tundra, there is still life. Thriving life. I ask you again, Annie, will you give this to Me and let Me make of it what I will? I do not need your help or your advice to complete My work in you. Will you relinquish control? Will you trust Me?"


Anonymous said...

OH! But-Lord, indeed! Tough conversation, but how do you argue with it... Hugs, Annie

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless... again! god always seems to use you right when I need it!

Part of me wants desperately to pray that God would change it for you... that he would make lush meadows and cool streams,

but if that is going to get in the way of Him doing what He wants in your life so that He can bring another soul to Himself....I only want for you what He does.

That's a hard place to be.

Love you!

Annie said...

Love and hugs to both of you.

I suppose pruning *does* hurt, doesn't it? :-)

Elisabeth said...

Wow.......Just wow. Love this so much.