Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The End of Furlough

How can I put into words the past month? Work training, family, friends, dad's funeral, driving back and forth across the state, fitting in coffee dates with as many people as possible, speaking at churches, giving reports to donors and supporters, fundraising and trying to help my kids readjust to their home culture. I literally did not have a free moment to myself except when I was sleeping or going to the bathroom.

I am exhausted. I am empty. I want to cry. I feel pulled in a hundred different directions, and there are still those who are disappointed that we didn't spend enough time with them.

Today the good-byes have started. More people are coming over in a few minutes, people are here now, and I've been with people all day.

I feel incredibly sad.

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Elisabeth said...

My heart is heavy for you, Beautiful.