Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home Again

We arrived home yesterday to a layer of dust on everything. If you leave anything in Africa unattended, nature takes over very quickly. Unpacking our clothes was the easy part. Unpacking the journey is quite another.

I keep feeling like I'm standing at a luggage carousel pulling off suitcases filled with my memories. Every time I grab one and try to load it onto the trolley it falls off and spills open, consuming me with pictures, events and strong emotions. It takes so much time to gather the contents back into the suitcase and get it on the trolley, and by that time another suitcase has fallen off and spilled its contents.

Transitions are hard.


wakeupcowboys said...

I'm with you on that.

Elisabeth said...

Yes. Yes they are. I am praying for you like crazy, friend!