Friday, July 29, 2011

Living Within the Brokenness

As a Westerner it's my tendency to want to fix what's broken - things, situations... even people. As a Christian I was taught how to "fix" people - quote Romans 8:28, give them godly advice and send them on their way with a quick "I'll be praying for you!" Many times, however, that only leaves people more broken.

I hope I've changed. I hope I'm still changing, because here's what I've discovered so far:

To enter into someone's pain - without fixing it, without advising, and above all without judging - is to share the journey as a fellow traveler, as an equal. To be trusted with someone's deep (and sometimes dark) secrets is to have the honour of holding their heart in your hands. It is a holy moment. And to cry with someone and ache for them as much as they ache for themselves is sometimes the most Christ-like thing you can do.

Love doesn't always need words.

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steveT said...


did you write this more me? ;-) i know you didn't, but, damn! i certainly feel this way sometimes. i felt it even today as i sat down with a young guy from my friend matt's church who is struggling with coming out.

all i really have to offer him is my story. and what my relationship with Jesus looks and feels like...both the good parts and the bad parts.

thanks for sharing this, kiddo. it means much.