Sunday, June 3, 2012

Matthew 14: A Really Long Queue

Matthew 14 ends with a funny little story lasting a few short verses:  Jesus lands at Gennesaret, is recognised by the people, and pretty soon everyone is bringing their sick friends and relatives to Jesus, begging him to just let them touch the edge of his cloak so they can be healed.  The chapter ends by saying, "...and all who touched it were healed."  At first glance, it seems like the people were filled with such faith that they felt they only needed to touch that which touched Jesus (his cloak) in order to be healed.  But upon second glance...

Let's do a little contemplative imagination and place ourselves in the story.  Pretend you're in the queue (it's a really long queue), waiting to be healed. It's hot, and people are starting to become impatient.  Someone shouts out, "Aww, Jesus, just take off your cloak and pass it around.  If we can touch it, we'll be healed and can all go home in time for dinner."  Jesus (who was fully God but also fully man and therefore also hot and tired) agrees. 

People clamour to touch the cloak, are healed, and leave the place jumping and dancing and generally whooping it up as people do when they are miraculously healed.  But there is a small remnant of people, still standing patiently in a queue.  Why?  Perhaps, for them, the cloak is not enough. Perhaps what they really want is Jesus himself.  You find yourself in that queue - hot, tired, but willing to wait for Jesus himself rather than the quick-fix of touching the cloak.  You wonder if it's worth it.

Finally, it's your turn.  As Jesus looks into your eyes, what do you see?  What kind of a look is it? Jesus breaks the silence (though volumes were likely spoken in His look upon you). "Why did you wait all this time when you could have just touched my cloak?" What would you say?

I sometimes wonder if I want Jesus to do things for me more than I want Jesus himself.  I'd like to reach a place where being with him - being in his presence and aware of that presence - is the end goal, regardless of anything he might do (or not do).

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wakeupcowboys said...

That's my goal, too, but many times I get sidetracked. But thinking about the goal warms my heart--being with Him.