Friday, June 29, 2012

To the Three Men Who Robbed Me

I sit still,
silent for so long
I imagine
I am sinking into the earth...
Transplanted -
no longer rootless -
my toes press down, strong,
into the cool, dark soil
My fingers unfurl -
stretch forth through the air -
to respect, shelter, celebrate life,
extend grace
I stand securely,
face to the sun,
breathe deeply and
Grow, here.
Bear fruit, here.
Become beautiful, here.
and maybe - one day -
Die, here, because
I am home, here...
South Africa.


Stel said...

Oh no! Hope you're OK.

Rache0001 said...

That is a beautiful poem. Sorry to hear about the tragedy, I almost got hijacked in March. TIA - This is Africa.

Anna said...

I'm okay, thanks. I have to remind myself that it's just things, and while inconvenient to try and replace, it's nothing compared to people.

I hope you are also okay?

Elisabeth said...

At least you have an iPod now. And there's new key chains on the way (Hee Hee). I love you and am just thankful you are safe. That's what matters!!!