Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Story Behind the Story, Part I

This is one of my favourite photos of Dan and I, taken thirteen years ago.  If you knew nothing of the story, you might guess that we were going out on a date or attending a function in which we had to dress nicely.  We look happy and young.  You might comment on our clothing or the styles, which are dated to some extent, and then you would set the photo aside with a closing comment such as "What a nice-looking couple."  The photo would soon be forgotten.

There's a story behind the story, however.  There's always a story behind the story, and it is that story which gives the photo meaning, that story which is intriguing, and that story which will change how you see the photo.  It's not that it's a great story; it's that it's a deeper story.  It's what led to this moment in time which was captured on film and cemented positively in my memory. 

If we only see the surface value of people and their stories, we will most probably miss the deeper stories that make their lives so rich with meaning.  Never stop at "What a nice-looking couple."  Probe deeper.  Question.  Be curious.  You might learn some amazing things.  At the very least, you will hear some fascinating stories.

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wakeupcowboys said...

I remember the story. I've often thought of that night and the story. Much love to you.