Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thoughts on Leaving a Legacy

I've been thinking lately about leaving a legacy. Not so much money or things, but more along the lines of
  • What did I do with my life?
  • Have I made a difference?
  • Will it have mattered when I die?
To that end, I've been thinking about the "end result." What is it I want to accomplish before I die? (and no, I'm not talking about traveling, or bungee jumping, or any other tangible thing) I'm not saying that I want to have every little thing outlined and mapped, but if I can at least establish what the most important things are - i.e., what is my calling, what are my priorities, how can I die "well" with no regrets - then it will generally keep me from filling my days with things that don't really matter and help me maintain a proper perspective.

Billy Graham was once interviewed by Larry King. At one point he was asked, "How do you want to be remembered? You've had great influence on millions of people all over the world. You've hobnobbed with kings and presidents and other very important persons. After your passing, how do you want us to remember you?"

Billy Graham answered, "That I was faithful to do what God asked me to do."


jonna said...

Love this. We just talked about it at our Bible study today. I definitely need to evaluate where my time is being spent. Sadly, I know a lot of it is wasted on-line and in books...

melissa said...

I have been working through Beth Moore's Believing God study and was reminded of faithfulness to God just the other day. I underlined her prayer, "This morning I again told God that I want to be faithful to Him more than anything in the world." It caused me to pause and consider, what do I want most? I had to admit that it wasn't to be faithful to God, but to be blameless before others. Which I realize is not possible, since I am not now, nor will I ever be Jesus! Lord, I want to be faithful to You, above all else! Help me in my weakness!