Thursday, February 10, 2011

Laughter is Good Medicine, Part II

I love medical aid here in South Africa. They send these newsletters every few months that are so full of "helpful information" I can't stop laughing. Today's topic was "Getting Over the Embarrassment of Seeing the Doc." Here are the main points of the article:
  • Keep in mind your doctor sees naked, and sometimes extremely unattractive, people every day.
  • If you have gonorrhea, you are probably the third case of the day. Besides, in a fortnight your doctor will confuse you with the teacher who is suffering from anemia.
  • You do NOT have to tell the receptionist that you have a boil on your bottom. Be firm, even if she asks.
  • Go first thing in the morning; otherwise you will obsess about it all day.
  • If the doctor feels you deserve a lecture, chances are you do. Smile, nod and sit through it.
  • Wear the kind of underwear that would have been appropriate swimwear forty years ago.


Dianne said...

Thank you for this laugh!

You have no idea how badly I wish we could send newsletters like this to our patients. THEY need it!!! In America this would be offensive and someone would sue.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! that was funny in a nice way...i don't see any "offence" in it...humor! co'mon, our world need it...people are taking nowadays offence in the smallest simple things in life...