Monday, February 7, 2011

The Many Pigs of Afrikaans

vark = pig
vlakvark (shallow pig) = warthog
ystervark (iron pig) = porcupine
krimpvark (shrinking pig) = hedgehog
padvark (road pig) = one who suffers from road rage
aardvark (earth pig) = aardvark (and, incidentally, the only Afrikaans word that English "borrowed")

I am sure there are even more "pigs." Let me know if I missed any.


Brunilda said...

I just read a post not about pigs but about the horses in our afrikaans language:

luiperd (lazy horse) ~ leopard
jagluiperd (hunt lazy horse) ~ jaguar
kameelperd (camel horse) ~giraffe

Annie said...

Don't forget the luiperdboom! :-) Een van my gunstelinge bome.

Anonymous said...

Swartpiet! - Piet Swartvark - a game we used to play- you ask many silly questions, e.g. where were you born, where do you bath, etc etc.. and the person on replies as the answer on every single question - "Piet Swartvark" - don't ask me where this originates! - the aim of this game is NOT to laugh when you reply and the questioner tries to ask silly questions to make the replier laugh as soon as possible. Another reply: "Onder die hond se stert" [under the dog's tail! ;)] I don't think chn play this anymore.