Friday, February 4, 2011

On Cake Decorating and Worship

Someone once said, "All of life is worship." I think they meant that worship shouldn't just be confined to Sunday morning at church, and that if you're doing the most mundane of tasks as though you're doing them for the Lord, then that, too, is worship.

There is a lady who works for me one morning a week. She lives in a shack with seven other people, she's a single mom, and life is challenging. I knew that her daughter's birthday was today, so yesterday when she was here I offered to make cupcakes for her to take home.

She asked for a cake. A big cake. With pink and white frosting.

I have never made a "big cake." I'm not even sure that what I made qualifies as "big," but I poured my heart into that cake. I hated making it girly and pink, but then, it wasn't for me. I frosted that cake "as unto the Lord," filled up every inch of white space (probably a no-no in the cake decorating by-laws), and this is the end result:

I really hope she likes it. It's not going to change the world or even her living situation (and, truth be told - I think the cake is hideous), but maybe it will put a smile on her face for a day. At least she knows she's not alone. And if I can serve God by helping her - even in an "unimportant" way such as this - then that *is* worship. No singing skills required!

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