Sunday, October 16, 2011

Die Strykyster Strikes Again

I have terrible luck with South African irons.  Actually, I don't know if the irons were made in South Africa, so let me rephrase that before I offend my adopted country -

I have terrible luck with the irons I have purchased in South Africa.  The first one blew up in my hand.  I'm not making that up.  I have the photo and the scar to prove it.
The second one quit working after one year.

The third one goes from hot to cold to nuclear meltdown in one shirt - the sleeves look great, the front is wrinkled, and the back is, well, I think "incinerated" would be the appropriate word.

Nothing like moving to a foreign country to make you feel like you have completely lost a skill you mastered back in Grade 6.

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