Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Flavourful Dream, Part 4

I woke up in the middle of the night (again), still thinking about bacon, peanut butter and lemons.  This isn't just about food, I realised.  This is about all of life - how to deal with seemingly impossible situations, how to push through, how not to give up and walk away.  If I can figure out a recipe that incorporates bacon, peanut butter and lemons, then I can be encouraged to work through other difficult situations in my life.

I come from a culture of quick fixes, instant results and limitless options.  If something is not to our satisfaction, we ditch it and find something that is.  Divorce rates are high.  Homes are broken.  Friendships are severed.  Materialism is rampant. Obesity is reaching dangerous proportions.  Why, if I come from a culture that has everything it could possibly want, are people so unhappy?  Is there actually something to commitment, to making due with what one has, and to finding joy in facing the challenges?

The Bible says there is. It says that through our trials we are refined as gold and that the challenges of life lead to perseverance, which is necessary for our maturity.  I would agree, but the funny thing is... those of us who profess to be followers of Jesus don't often live as if we believe what we say we believe.  There is a disconnect between our words and our actions.  Are we really so selfish that we can't handle a little discomfort?

 And then it hit me.  Butternut squash, a Granny Smith apple, and a little inspiration from Western Africa.  I went into the kitchen.  I knew exactly what to do now... 

Play the notes, Annie.  Play the notes. 


Barbara said...

Annie, I love this series of posts. These are thoughts I have needed to hear right now. And your recipe looks delicious!

Elisabeth said...

THANK YOU for writing. Thank you very much.

Annie said...

Aww... I miss you, Barbara! I miss you, Lizzie! :-( Wanneer kom julle terug na Suid Afrika?