Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thoughts on Domestication, Part 2

I must warn you, however.  There is one thing in this world which you cannot domesticate no matter how hard you try, and that is imagination. You can force a person to do whatever you want, put them in a position of servitude or even utter humiliation, but you will never be able to tame the fires of their thoughts.  Who can say but that the caged bird flies in its dreams?  Or that the prisoner runs through meadows and hikes up mountains in his sleep?  Our imagination knows no bounds, and even in the bleakest of circumstances our imagination gives us hope, carries us through and wills us to go on.  It is our imagination that dreams not of what is but of what can be.  It is our imagination that defies the constraints of current boundaries, rules and even logic itself at times.  It is our imagination that refuses to accept limitations and rises above the odds to achieve greatness...  For apparently, our imagination is unable to hear the voices of defeat, cynicism and adult rationale that whisper, “It cannot be... it is impossible... it is too late.”  On the contrary, our imagination seems to retain the exuberance of childhood that believes anything is possible, all things are achievable, and immense joy is to be found in the trying. 

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