Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Flavourful Dream, Part 3

Fritz made the most amazing dark chocolate sculpture with a strawberry reduction glaze.  It rose high off the plate in intricate swirls that resembled a cross between the Eiffel Tower and Belgian lace.

Jürgen made a mustard glaze, cut up the pretzels, basted them with the glaze and grilled them to make something like croutons.  He simmered ostrich meat in the beer and, together with the mustard pretzel croutons, put together a fabulous meat pie of sorts.  "I'll have to see how he did that," I thought.  (except... this is my dream... so did I just make up that recipe or did Jürgen?)

I just sat there.  Play the notes, Annie.  Play the notes.  Can I actually make something with bacon, peanut butter and lemons?  I've made a citrus glaze for ham (which is not exactly bacon and lemons, but at least I was getting somewhere).  Peanut butter... Thai cooking often utilises a peanut sauce...  Can the two be combined?

I suddenly woke up from my dream.  It was 04h20 in the morning.  I don't usually put much stock in dreams but this one stuck with me.  Does it mean anything?  Is there a parallel that relates to real life?

For two days now all I can think about is bacon, peanut butter and lemons.  Sometimes my circumstances feel a little bit like getting bacon, peanut butter and lemons.  I look around and think that everyone else got chocolate and strawberries or pretzels and beer.  I want to complain.

Sometimes my relationships feel a little bit like bacon, peanut butter and lemons.  What on earth am I supposed to do with them?  I'd often rather chuck them in the dustbin than try to find a unity or synthesise them into a coherent counterpoint.

Play the notes, Annie.  Play the notes.  What chord is it?  Is it actually just an unexpected chord and not "wrong notes" at all?  Would it help to look at it as an amazing possibility rather than a burden?  And is there in fact fun in conducting a symphony of bacon, peanut butter and lemons?

I can't get this out of my head.  When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

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Elisabeth said...

Please do! I am fascinated and intrigued by this dream of yours my friend!