Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peace in the Busyness

 I feel such a sense of peace today.  Oh sure, my schedule is hectic and I have more work to do than I have hours in the day (and how do I prioritise it all?), but my heart is at peace.  For five minutes - a mere five minutes - I just sat with my coffee and let myself be.  In the presence of God and aware of the beauty around me, I felt my heart rate slow, my muscles relax, and my soul find rest. 

I know that life is busy for most of us but I really do think that if we can find a few minutes each day to be still with no agenda other than to sit and be in God's presence, we will be pleasantly surprised.  We will discover a keener awareness of the beauty that is all around us.  We will anchor our spirit in God's love.  And we will find the strength we need for each day.

"Today the heart of God is an open wound of love. He aches over our distance and preoccupation. He mourns that we do not draw near to Him. He grieves that we have forgotten Him. He weeps over our obsession with muchness and manyness. He longs for our presence. He is inviting you - and me - to come home, to come home to where we belong, to come home to that for which we were created. His arms are stretched wide out to receive us. His heart is enlarged to take us in. For too long we have been in a far country: a country of noise and hurry and crowds, a country of climb and push and shove, a country of frustration and fear and intimidation. And He welcomes us home... you are welcome to come in... with simplicity of heart we allow ourselves to be gathered up into the arms of the Father and let Him sing His love song over us." - Richard Foster, Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home

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