Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Kings 19: An Intro Explaining the Frenzy

I've been reading I Kings 19 like a kid in a candy store.  I can't get enough of it; there are so many stories and side stories that each speak to my soul somewhere deep. In fact, I'm so "hungry" for this chapter that I've read it in seven different translations and a few different languages, looking for more "crumbs" to be squeezed out of a word change here or a perspective shift there.

I can't remember a time when reading the Bible was so appealing to me that I couldn't get enough.  There were times when it came naturally and easily, there were times of reading that led to great growth, there were times when I read only out of "duty" or guilt, and there were times when I didn't want to read it at all.  But to read the same chapter over and over and over again... this is new for me.  I don't even know why this is so, or what prompted it.

I will share with you each of the "stories" in I Kings 19 that speaks to me, because I think it speaks to all of us on some level, but I'll break it up into smaller posts so the reading is a bit more manageable.  Can't wait to share!

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