Thursday, April 12, 2012

A 180° Change in Perspective

I've been so self-absorbed lately, focusing on the challenges and what's wrong.  Then I read this statement:  "The conventional predictions are that within two to three generations at least half the world's six thousand or so languages will have disappeared." (Guy Deutscher)  That is a sad and shocking statement which got my mind off of myself!

I am reminded once again how fleeting life is.  Things we think will be around forever disappear in a moment.  We're not ready for it.  Dare I say, we're not even made for it, this ephemerality.  There's something hard-wired in us that wasn't designed to handle change - at least not the long-term, final kind of change. 

And then I read this: "If we do not truly love life, we will never fully love anything or anyone else. A genuine embrace of life makes it possible for us to embrace others. If, on the other hand, we are ambivalent about life, that ambivalence will permeate all other relationships." (David Benner)

Hope begins to stir in my heart.  There may be challenges and things that are wrong, but there is much about which to rejoice as well.  There is so much wonder and mystery and life in each day, and if it is fleeting then it should be cherished and celebrated all the more.

Suddenly the world looks differently.  My husband and I may argue, but I love him and want to grow old with him.  The flowers outside - have they always been so vividly coloured? My children - the teenager and the two pre-teens - they actually laugh together far more than they bicker. 

When I am faced with the ephemerality of all that surrounds me, I find that I want to savour every moment - even the challenging ones.


Elisabeth said...

This is awesome and I'm stoked!

Tammy and Joe said...

I'm glad for your new view - a little spring awakening perhaps.

Anna said...

When are you guys coming to Pretoria? :-)