Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 44th Birthday to My Husband

I didn't know about that scar on your finger - 
after 18 years together I'm
still discovering, learning
new things about you and
isn't that what marriage is -
committing to be a life-long learner of you
until there's nothing left to know except

Here's to 44 more years of
discovering scars on fingers from
accidents when we were children,
playing hide-and-seek in bookshops and
behaving like "one of my typhoid patients."
Let us laugh at being middle-aged,
act like teenagers in love and 
look forward to our twilight years
as though it's only dawn,
the beginning of an exquisite day.



Elisabeth said...

Whatd'a mean BAD poetry?! Where writing is concerned, you only know how to create beautiful art.

Stel said...

Happy birthday, nice poem> Hope you took him for a nice coffee at Pure or similar :-)

Anna said...

I love Pure! We ended up at Hillside Tavern and Pub, and later at Nuvo Cuisine. :-)