Thursday, April 26, 2012

Autumn Blossoms

There is always a tree blooming in South Africa, no matter the season.  This is one of the trees that flowers in autumn:

I love it how autumn leaves are falling off of certain trees while others are blooming.  It reminds me of people and how we're all at different stages of growth.  There is beauty in each stage, isn't there? (By the way, if anyone knows the name of this tree, please let me know!)


Amaris in Wonderland said...

True, true... Just as i am a work in progress, i have to remember that so is everyone else. Nobody has "arrived" - on this side of eternity, anyway.

I further relate the seasons to my individual spiritual walk - there are really only 2: Spring & Winter (i'm either growing or slumbering). :]

That tree looks remarkably like the Ipê-rosa (pronounced: "e-pay" + "hose-uh") that is popular in Brazil, better known in English as a "Trumpet Tree," or Tabebuia. There are several types of Ipês here in Brazil, but the most common are pink, yellow & purple.

Anna said...

I like your seasons. :-) I seem to be in autumn (both physically and otherwise) where everything is falling off, but somehow, while painful, it's necessary and even good.

It might be the tree you mentioned. Or a bauhinia tree or "Glory Bush" tree, aka Tibouchina (which, I think, is also native to Brazil (Quaresmeira?). We seem to have a lot of Brazilian plants over here. In fact, Pretoria is called the Jacaranda City, and if I'm not mistaken those trees are native to Brazil?) It must be beautiful where you live.

Hannah said...

Lovely photos. That's so neat that some trees bloom while other turn! I always like reading about the parts of the world where the seasons are flip flopped from where I live. (I'm in Spring). It's so fascinating. :)

Anna said...

Me, too! (What's weird is when you move across hemispheres and a summer birthday now must be celebrated in winter, or Easter is now in autumn, etc. I never realised how much of my "celebrating" was centred around the season in which it occurred!)

Rosika said...

Hello Anna
This tree's name has eluded me for some time... Well truthfully, I got a little obsessed with finding the name since nobody seemed to know what they are. Pretoria has quite a large amount of them blooming beautifully during autumn.

The tree's name is a Kapok Tree (chorisia speciosa). There you have it!