Monday, April 16, 2012

An Interesting Quote

"The thing I love about the Bible - one of the things I feel is most misunderstood - is that it's not a book of rules, it's not about what we should be doing; it's about what God is doing.  It's not about people who got it all right; it's about flawed human beings and this overarching narrative about God intersecting humanity." - Sarah Groves

I'm sure some of you will take offense at this quote, though that is not my intent. Of course there is instruction in the Bible to be heeded and internalised.  Sometimes, though, I think we take it to be that and nothing more; we make it all about us and what we need to do, expect, receive.  To flip the tables and see it as being more about God and less about us is somehow freeing.  I don't have to be perfect anymore.  I can dance with Grace, flawed human that I am, and accept Love where I am and how I am, which gives me courage to work on the flaws.


Jeff said...

I like the quote; appreciate your reflection. I find that it's not until I yield my heart, that I find less in the way of inward constraints regarding myself, and more an expression of God's Love; what he's been doing, all along. Freeing, indeed. And flipping tables, no less :-)

Anna said...

So true, Jeff. Thanks!