Friday, May 22, 2009

If I Ruled the World...

Yesterday our power went out three times. One of those times was during our home group. We were watching a DVD, and the pastor was talking about being the light of the world. Just as he was getting to the climax of his message, he said, "The church doesn't need more lights. Go out where it's dark. Shine!" ... and our electricity went out. I have no idea what the rest of his message was, but our house was a pretty good visual aid! Dan lit some candles, our group prayed and we finished up for the night.

This morning, right after our alarm went off, the power went out again. For three hours. It's winter here, and the sun hasn't yet risen when we get up each morning, so everyone had to get dressed using torches (flashlights). And of course, taking showers, making coffee, or doing anything with your hair other than tying it up was out of the question.

If I ruled the world (Dan gets scared when I talk like this) I would schedule power outages for the afternoon, when the sun is out, when no one needs to cook, when your hair is already done and you've had enough coffee.

Sigh... but I don't rule the world. Maybe buying a generator would be a nice consolation.

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Dan said...

As frightened as I may act when you talk about ruling the world, let me go on record as saying that you would do a darn sight better than most current world leaders.