Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Presidential Inauguration

Today Jacob Zuma became the President of South Africa. The Inauguration took place here in Pretoria, and heads of state came from all over the world to attend the ceremony. I have never lived in the capital city of a nation before, so the week's festivities and preparations for today's Inauguration have been kind of fun.

All week long the South African Air Force has been practising for their fly-past, so we've been treated to an acrobatic show by the Silver Falcons every day. As we were watching the Inauguration on TV, the announcer would say, "The Silver Falcons are scheduled to fly past in fifteen seconds." We could look out the window and say, "Yep, there they are."

And then we heard this amazing rumbling sound. We looked out the window to see three South African Airlines passenger jets flying in formation right over our house! It is really weird to see something on TV and happening in real life at the same time. It's even weirder to think that all these famous people saw the same thing I did - President Qadhafi from Lybia, King Letsi III from Lesotho, a delegation from the U.S. - and they were only fifteen minutes away from my house.

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