Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Annual Performance Review

I like Mother's Day. I like getting coffee and breakfast in bed. I like the cards and pictures my kids make. I like going out to eat, but my favourite part of the day is my annual performance review. Yes, you read right. Every year on Mother's Day my kids give me a review - telling me what they like and what needs improvement. It's the one time in the year where they can speak freely and not worry about offending me ("Mom, you're really terrible at... !")

They're actually pretty gracious. Emma said I was a great cook but I need to work on being more patient. Lucy said I was a great cook and good at fetching them from school every day but I should work harder on getting along with Daddy (do we really argue that much?). Benjamin said I was great at everything and perfect and didn't need to work on a thing. Nice, but totally inaccurate!

Okay, so I can cook, and I manage to keep everyone clothed, fed, and to school and bed on time, but even I know I have weaknesses. Sometimes I need to hear it from another person, because let's face it - it's easier to point out other people's faults than see my own. And I truly want to know. I know there are areas I can improve upon, and I want to always be growing and learning; that's one of the best things I can model to my kids, I think.

Kids are honest, sometimes brutally honest. And except for the time I wore a plaid skirt and Emma told me I looked like a bagpipe, I've been really blessed.


The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Sounds like you've got some amazing children! Happy Mother's Day!

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