Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 3 - Calm After the Storm

It is still. I lie on the floor, prostrate, and after a moment's silence and reflection on the past three days I speak.

"I place myself here, God, as though on an altar. Whoever I am and whatever I have - take it. Burn off the impurities so all that remains is as gold.  Make of me a vessel fit to carry and dispense Your love.

"Yes, I know what I'm asking. I know it will hurt - this refining - and does not come without a cost. I know it will require my will, my control. I am prepared to pay that price. I release it all. Please, God, just turn me into my name - grace - and extend that grace to the world. That IS my heart's greatest desire. Amen."

I move outside to read. The sun is warm but not too warm. There is a gentle breeze and I become sleepy. The leaves rustle in the trees, the birds sing their afternoon song, and I fall asleep with the warmth of the sun falling on me as though God covered me with His own blanket.

The battle is over. It is quiet and calm, and I fall into a deep sleep of peace.

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