Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 6 - Allow

I inherited my papa's clarinet.  It has such a rich, mellow tone that has been built into the wood through years of playing.
Like all instruments, it occasionally needs tuning and adjustments.  Pads need to be replaced, screws need to be tightened, cork needs to be greased, and the keys need to be checked to make sure they seal properly.  I suppose, if clarinets had nocioceptors, this would be a painful process.  It would be even worse if the clarinet resisted me and tried to take control.  Assuming a clarinet could do that, what would result is an instrument that refused to be improved because "it hurts".  The clarinet's functionality is inversely proportional to its stubbornness.  I, the musician, would be able to do nothing but sit, watch the clarinet fall into disrepair, and lament its wasted potential.

This is a silly story, no?  If I think of myself as the clarinet, however, and God as the musician, then it's not so funny.  It hits a little too close to home.  I have spent years trying to be in control, resisting God's refining because "it's painful" and trying to play myself rather than let the Great Musician play His music through me (and yes, I'm sure I have a few "loose screws"!). 

Few things are more sad than wasted potential.  It's time to surrender control and allow God to have His way, trusting that He will restore me as an instrument of His grace.

(I know this week's photos were supposed to be about putting myself in the picture of God's beauty all around me, but this IS God's beauty - His gentle reminders and spiritual truths taught through every day tasks.  I really do feel loved.)

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