Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 7 - Surrender

There's something amazing about letting go... accepting what is...  and surrendering to Love.  I feel as though I've been so busy on this treasure hunt of looking for God's love that I had very little time to be self-absorbed.  During this week a whole new world opened up to me - one in which I was (and am) surrounded and enveloped by God's love. I find myself becoming more and more "empty" of myself (and my selfishness) as this love fills me. 

It was there all along - this beauty, this love... I just didn't see it because my eyes were turned inward.  Oh God, forgive me... Let this not be a one-week project but the beginning of a way of life.  Help me to keep my eyes focused on You always, to be aware and attentive to Your fingerprints around me, and to be present to Your love.

(By the way, this was tonight's sunset... I actually pulled off the road to take this photo.  I would have missed it before this week.  How grateful I am to have a new awareness of God's love for me.  Words cannot express...)

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Elisabeth said...

THAT is one incredible sunset!