Monday, January 2, 2012

Fully Alive

The bauhinia flower is the national flower of Hong Kong.  Bauhinia trees also happen to grow well in South Africa. Since our son is from Hong Kong and we live in South Africa, I thought it would be fitting to plant a bauhinia tree in our garden. 

I bought a little seedling of a tree - about 30cm high - two years ago.  And then I accidentally killed it.  The leaves fell off.  It looked pathetic.  I refused to give up, though.  I tended it, nurtured it and cared as much for a stick (which is literally what it was) as a human ever cared for a stick.

This year it not only sprouted leaves; it also grew to a height of 80cm.  I was thrilled.

I had no idea what colour the blossoms would be, for the tree wasn't supposed to begin blooming until the third or fourth year.  At least, that's what the man at the nursery told me. 

This morning I looked out my window to find this:

Here's to new beginnings.  To defying the odds.  To flourishing when everyone else has given up on you.  To beauty from ashes.  And to being fully alive. 

May 2012 be a year in which you blossom to the fullness of your potential.  Happy New Year.

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Chessalee said...

Wow, that is BEAUTIFUL! Happy New Year!