Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 7 - It Sounds Better in French

I had a revelation today: 

When you go to a nice restaurant the food is so beautifully described that you want to order one of everything.  At a "regular" restaurant, this is not so.  Squash is just squash.  At a nice restaurant, however, it is "Julienned summer squash delicately sauteéd in a garlic-orange-wild-thyme-infused butter and slow-roasted to perfection, topped with a ginger-balsamic reduction."  Here's the catch:  the food might not actually taste better at the nice restaurant, but because it has been defined so positively, your perception of it has changed.  You now want it, because you see it as more valuable.

What if we took our problems - our "squash" - and redefined it in a positive light?  Would our perception change?  Would we be able to see the good in it?  Could we even desire it? (Squash is, after all, high in nutrients.)

"Difficult child" becomes "Rare and exotic human, hand-picked while tender and prepared to precise instructions over years to achieve a maturity and fragrance unparalleled."

"Car trouble" becomes "Golden opportunity to learn mechanical engineering while simultaneously training for half-marathon and improving cardio-vascular fitness."

I think I just stumbled upon a key... If I move myself over from "regular restaurant" to "nice restaurant", would I define myself differently? More positively?  Would I see myself as more valuable by virtue of a changed perception?

I am SO jumping off of the Wimpy menu and onto the La Pentola menu (because the Honey Mustard Warthog - slices of warthog loin pan-fried in butter and black mustard seeds, flamed in 1920 Portuguese brandy, flavoured with honey and Dijon mustard, bound with cream - is out of this world!)  World, get ready for Anna!


Jeff said...

I got such a good laugh out of your redefining that I am now going to give it a go with a few of my weightier issues. This may prove fun! And who knows, perhaps even put some things in a better perspective ;)

Annie said...

Me, too, Jeff! I'm so with you on this one!

François said...

This sounds so good that "weightier" may become the operative word! :-)

Annie said...

:-) Some of us need to gain a few kilos!